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Furutech TP60E AC Power Distributor

2.620,00 DKK

The e-TP60E is a sophisticated, luxuriously made single-chassis power distributor that eliminates many common problems found in audio and video components caused by massively contaminated electrical power lines.


This newly developed component is designed to minimize the common problem of AV equipment`s inability to perform at its peak level due to contaminated electrical power.
Now, the FURUTECH e-TP60 E +GC-303 AC Power Distributor provides the ideal solution.
It makes the home electrical power, pure and clean, without diminishing power a level, which in turn helps the AV equipment realize its fullest potential. The AV fan can get a dimension of sound and picture never experienced before.
* The internal wires are used FURUTECHµ-14 wire(14 AWG). These types of wires can transmit power faster and smoother. Equipped with FURUTECH hyper quality Audio grade SCHUKO socket can transmit powerful, without any leakage.
* The FURUTECH hyper quality Audio grade SCHUKO socket, made from 24K Gold
plated(Non-magnetism)a(Alpha)CONDUCTOR, providing long term reliability while improving the efficiency of transmission.
* All metallic parts are treated by FURUTECHa(Alpha)Process--- (Super Cryogenic & Demagnetize Treatment.)

* The Features of FORMULA GC-303
*Pleas Note: The GC-303 is the special material paved on the chassis for absorbing electromagnetic waves.
The GC-303 receives radio waves like an antenna, effectively absorbs the electromagnetic waves conducted by all of it internal fittings, and skillfully avoids the degradation of audio quality that commonly occurs with traditional power filters. Most electrical currents, in a non-contact way, are filtered through a series of passive components. This feature is also called "antenna effect" of the GC-303.
The GC-303 is applied to the chassis using special EPOXY resin, which is completely free of coming off and absolutely safe.
Vertical noise filters can cause degradation to audio quality, and horizontal noise filters can cause negative side effects to audio quality. The e-TP60 E is used in the direct outlets, the electricity currents will not "leap" and will be more powerful.
The theory of noise processing applied to this product is to deliver the pure electricity using GC-303 to absorb noises in a non-contact way and to use aluminum materials at aviation industry level to effectively shield off the invasion of foreign noises. Alloy aluminum at aviation industry level completely shields the invasion of radioactive noise.
The GC-303 will absorb and reduce conductible noises transmitted via the conductor wires and the fittings.



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Furutech TP60E AC Power Distributor
Model/Varenr.: 99146
Furutech TP60E AC Power Distributor 2.620,00 DKK Leveringstid: 1-2 dage stk.