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Oyaide Tunami GPX Powerkabel

Pris fra 3.450,00 DKK

Vinder af Audio Excellence Awards 2006 I Japan. Sætter ny standard for powerkabler!
3 stk. 5,5 mm2 ledere som kan belastes med 30A (!) Giver en meget kraftfuld og dynamisk lyd. Meget lavt støjniveau takket være 3 effektive skærme

Ultra rent enkeltkrystalin kopper af absolute højeste kvalitet: PCOCC-A. Kun Furukawa i Japan fremstiller små mængder af denne meget eksklusive kvalitet (som i øvrigt går igen i bl.a. Oyaides ACROSS serie).

Oyaide Electric with experience gained from a long history of cable design, has developed a reference standard power cable called the "Tunami". The cable is constructed using PCOCC-A wire developed by Furukawa Electric using advanced heat control and extrusion technology. The cable utilizes a 5.5 sq. mm conductor core that is rated up to 30 amps and can take up to 600 volts A/C. This makes it a leader in its class delivering a powerful sound. In addition it has a unique 3 layer shielding system not only to shut out external noise but also to suppress internal noise resulting in a very low noise floor. The combination of advanced and creative technologies delivers the recording artists' every intention along with the delicate atmosphere that surrounds them.

The Tunami GPX Power Cable is fitted with the now world famous Oyaide P/C-046 Gold/Palladium plugs. Also available with Schuko plugs and affordably priced, it sets a new standard for high end power cable performance.

This is an ultra pure single crystal copper originally developed by Professor Ohno. It was then further evolved into PCOCC utilizing a single copper grain wire. This design results in an extremely low level of signal disturbance and loss due to the lack of crystalline borders along the signal path.

We have further refined this process with a highly controlled heating and cooling process and improved furnace management to realize a mirror finish. It is now called PCOCC-A and is the epitome of Japanese craftsmanship.

3-Layer Shielding:
It is a fundamental requirement of cable design that they be free from external noise. Oyaide has been a leader in this area with our traditional star-quad structure.

We have gone a step further with the "Tunami" employing a unique three layer shielding system.

The first layer absorbs the disorders of electromagnetic field formation; the second (carbon) layer is used to absorb the random movement of electrons caused by current fluctuations stored in insulating materials and a third copper foil layer with a drain wire to protect from external noise sources. The drain wire is then connected to ground for perfect shielding.




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Oyaide Tunami GPX Powerkabel 1.8 meter
Model/Varenr.: 98326
3.450,00 DKK Leveringstid: 1-2 dage