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Viablue EP-7 Silver Netværkskabel Utermineret

60,00 DKK

Lækkert netværkskabel i CAT 7 fra tyske Viablue i løs meter. Sælges også som færdige kabler.


Product description:

The ViaBlue™ EP-7 Silver Cat 7 network cable has silvered strands of high-purity OFC copper with a braided shielding and 4 aluminium PET film screens for the individual isolation pairs.

The total of 5 screens keep out interference such as DECT or mobile phones, microwaves and mains hum on all frequencies.

The complete cable system is protected by a soft tape and a flexible and satin cable sheath. The soft coating of the EP-7 Silver network cable is very tough.

Technical specifications:

    Delveloped for pach cable use
    real 600 MHz
    silvered OFC copper
    AWG 26/7
    Five screenings
    1 shield braid, 4 aluminium foil screenings
    Semi-matt, flexible sheath
    8.5 mm diameter
    Bending radius 4 x Ø
    Capacity nominal 45 nF / km
    Relative velocity of propagation ca. 0.76 C
    Wave resistance 1 – 100 MHz = 100 +/- 15 ohm
    Wave resistance 100 – 250 MHz = 100 +/- 22 ohm
    Wave resistance 250 – 600 MHz = 100 +/- 25 ohm
    Attenuation of shielding up to 600 MHz > 60 dB




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Viablue EP-7 Silver Netværkskabel Utermineret
Model/Varenr.: 993385
Viablue EP-7 Silver Netværkskabel Utermineret 60,00 DKK På lager Meter