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Sommercable Stratos Signalkabel

210,00 DKK

Honesty pays off...
That becomes apparent when you take a closer look at some HiFi-cables after a few years of use: even on a phono cable costing 200 € the jacket will get porous, the insulation will shrink, and the copper will oxidize. After all, most cables will be exposed to enormous heat and aggressive fumes by the constantly “cooking“ transformers. This often affects the phono cables even after a short period of time, changing the technical and electrical values.
Not with our SC-STRATOS: not only the electrical equipment conforms to the properties of the high end systems, but also the sound quality. The SC-STRATOS sounds incredibly natural, airy, unobtrusive, and offers complete silence during musical breaks.
The SC-STRATOS is perfectly protected against electro-magnetic interference due to multiple shielding (braiding + semiconductor).
For heat extraction, special plastic fibres were braided in with the cross-mesh and a heat resistant jacket material with longevity was used. The copper strand has special conductor smoothing for increased conductivity. The SC-STRATOS was insulated with a durable and microscopically fine PE/PP-mixture.
Ideal for the connection between CD-players, DAT/DVD-recorders, and pre-amplifiers to power amplifiers.


Very natural and lively sound image
Multiple shielding against AF- and RF-interference
Durable and dependable in maintaining electrical data
No problems adapting to auxiliary components by different manufacturers

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Sommercable Stratos Signalkabel
Model/Varenr.: 9915
Sommercable Stratos Signalkabel 210,00 DKK Leveringstid: 1-2 dage stk.