ViaBlue NF-75 Silver Digitalkabel

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ViaBlue NF-75 Silver Digitalkabel

ViaBlue NF-75 interconnects are coaxial high-end digital cables with ideal electrical values. They enable error-free and correct transmission of digital signals.

With a base line requirement of a 75-Ohm surge impedance, a polyethylene foam dielectric and a silver-plated shield are further applied as technical refinements. This leads to extremely low resistance values and thus to maximum transmission speeds of digital electric signals

The ViaBlue Silver Shield, NF-75 interconnects have a 100% surface casing shield from electrical interference fields. The screen is composed of an aluminum foil sheath and a silver-plated braided sheath.

NF-75 interconnects are manufactured with genuine gold-plated and XLS RCA connectors that can be fixed to the RCA jacks by twisting the sleeve. They ensure extremely strong contact pressure and thus very low contact resistance. The built-in sheath current filter drains the inner/intermediate currents which occur with coaxial cables from the conductor and shielding.

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