Viablue EP-7 Silver Netværkskabel 3.0 meter

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    Silver-plated strands made of pure OFC copper
    100% shield coverage by a total of 5 layers (braided shield and 4 aluminium foil shields). This prevents any distortion and jitter no matter which frequency such as mobile phone signals
    Soft banding
    Satin mat sheath: highly flexible and ultra resistant

    ViaBlue™ EP-7 Silver network cables are fitted with ViaBlue™ T6s RJ-45 LAN plugs and ViaBlue™ Cobra braided sleeves.



Technical specifications:

    Silver-plated OFC copper strands
    100% shield coverage: 1 braided shield, 4 aluminium foil shields
    Insulation: Highly flexible and extremely resistant sheath
    Outer diameter of cable incl. braided sleeve: 9.5 mm
    AWG 26/7
    Bending radius 4 x Ø
    Operating capacity, nominal 45 nF / km
    Relative propagation velocity, approx. 0.76 C
    Characteristic impedance 1-100 MHz = 100 +/- 15 ohms
    Characteristic impedance = 100-250 MHz = 100 +/- 22 ohms
    Characteristic impedance 250-600 MHz = 100 +/-25 ohms
    Shield attenuation up to 600 MHz > 60 dB
    T6s RJ-45 plug | gold plated